My name is Michał Oręziak. I do open-source. My stuff sometimes works.
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Few words about me

Short version

I'm 17. I try to craft web apps that help people and websites that tell them cool stories.

Long version

I'm 17 yo web apps developer and also an assistant at Websites Designing Lab at the Palace of Youth in Warsaw, Poland.

Building for the web is an incredible adventure where art and tech combine to emphasize great stories. It's a thing which I've been fascinated about since I was 10.

Tech also provides us tools to improve things around us a little bit. That's why I launched few projects (you can see them below ;)

I was doing my best at HackYeah 2019 - the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe. My team and I gained first place in the environment category.

Recently with my friends and I kicked off with the HackClub.pl community. It's a community of young people interested in technology and programming.

I also want to start my blogging adventure but other responsibilities are holding me back. I promise it will be live soon ;)

Besides I like to roam with friends around the city, then go home, listen to Indie folk or play the guitar a bit, and... skip lessons the next day (just kidding ;).



I'm co-leader of HackClub.pl - Warsaw's student-led community of young people interested in technology and programming who are focused on helping each other, which is based in Warsaw, Poland. We are proud to be part of the HackClub.com network.


When I was going to highschool I faced lack of detail information regarding schools. We as students had to conduct a great research to get data we needed. I wanted to simplify that process. As a result I created WarsawLO - search engine for Warsaw middle schools. I develop this project toghether with my friends with Code For Poland programme support.


CodeWawa is a project I coordinated in cooperation with Palace of Youth Websites Designing Lab. Our aim was to help students share their knowlenge and boost collaboration between them. We launched a website with tutorials created by memebers of our lab.

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